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We offer a wide range of sun control films, privacy films, anti-shatter films and many more films for windows. Our product range is constantly updated with new products and is available in the long term. Buy the window film at low price. Fast and secure delivery in the online-shop in 1 - 3 working days. Profit from more than 30 years of experience with purchase and installation. If you are not sure which film suits you, simply call our hotline +49 8152 8474! We are pleased to send you free foil samples!

The window film is self-adhesive, easy to install and durable. It lets your glass surface look in new condition.

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Window films high quality and good price - benefit from our experience!

Von Kuester KG stands for 30 years of expertise in window film and window film technic. In our online shop you will find various window films - protective films such as privacy films, security films, sun control films oder heat protection films, or decorative films for indoor use such as milk glass films, window stickers, wall decals or even canvas prints. We offer a wide range of film widths, which can be ordered directly as individual foil cuts! After selecting the desired dimensions in the article, you can complete your order easily and quickly online. The order is ready in no time and is - with a purchase value of 200 EUR - even shipping free directly delivered to your home. Each order is supplied with installation instructions, so you can attach the film by yourself professionally. Our special films are of high quality and can be ordered again! For questions such as installation, dimensions, adhesion etc. please contact our friendly customer service by phone or email! As well as express delivery.

30 years of film expertise - von Kuester KG

We are proud of 30 years of experience in window film, automotive films, adhesive films, heat protection films and much more. back! Von Kuester KG began its activity in 1978 as a sole proprietorship of the company founder. In the further course the sales activity was enhanced by the installation of window films with different functions (sun protection, privacy, glare reduction, security, color schemes and bird saving). Due to the ever increasing demand for these products, the business focused on the distribution and installation of window films and sun control paints. The product range was supplemented by the necessary tools and accessories for installation of window films. The product portfolio was later expanded to multi-functional shutter systems for windows (heat protection, anti-glare, privacy). The consequent expansion of the company made it necessary in 1987 to move to larger, company-owned premises. In 1988 the sole proprietorship was transformed into the legal form of a KG. We want to continue to provide best quality at good price - personal service and high customer satisfaction are our top priority!

Whether window film or pure decorative item - foils in everyday life

Films of all kinds are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We see the most protective films as a natural resource in order to protect ourselves from the sun, heat, insight or glass splinters. If we look closely, adhesive films can be found everywhere where they meet a specific purpose: for example, in many offices sun control films protect the rooms from heat and blinding sun rays. As a milk glass foil window films are a welcome sight protection. The same protective function fulfill films in the automotive division. There they serve as heat protection films and privacy films. Who wants to install such at home as well - simply select the appropriate window film at the store, enter the correct dimensions and just add it to the shopping cart. The goods usually are ready for shipping within 24 hours and can be sent immediately - even as express package. If your order is more than 200 EUR, your window film delivery is for free. Increasingly popular films become as decorative items. In the form of window frames, wall stickers, window stickers, furniture film they beautify your home and commercial residences such as beauty salons, kindergartens, etc. Choose from our huge range of privacy the film that suits to you - accurate and with very good adhesion!

Bird saving film, uv-protection film & safety film - window films for pros

Especially in modern architecture window film is used for various purposes. The best known probably are sun control films or milk glass films which protect offices from heat and UV light, or serve as privacy film. In the related article we inform you accurately on subjects such as film type, film widths, dimensions, indoor installation, outdoor installation etc. We of course supply residential and commercial customers alike with the right film. Protection films can be installed to both glass and on plastic glass - highly adhesive to ensure protection even after years. Glass is very often used in modern buildings - it& ensures a bright, light-filled ambience. However, glass panes pose an invisible threat for birds - to prevent birds from a deadly collision on the glass pane there is a special protection film, the so-called bird saving film. This self-adhesive window film prevents the deadly collision with a particular tag. For questions regarding the outdoor installation of this film we are happy to help you!

Many know protection films for glass doors and windows. Anti-shatter-films protect against flying glass splinters caused by breakage, burglary and explosions. Such protective films also are used in other areas: anti-scratch films protect against scratches and damages to glass and windows in public transport. Observers usually don`t notice the protection film - professionally bonded and highly adhesive the protection films are virtually invisible. Cost intensive damages to windows and glass walls is graffiti! More and more often "graffiti artists" choose windows to perpetuate themselves or leave their "tag". Removing these spray colours is complex and expensive. Here a special protection film can help: the anti-graffiti film. Graffiti can be removed easily by wiping. We offer many dimensions, also large areas can be coated professionally.

Protection and tuning element - our auto glass film

It is long ago a tinted car window just was a simple sun protection! Tinted car windows especially in sports cars ensure a memorable look. We offer three different car tint films, which however serve both as a classic auto glass film as well as a protective film for privacy, because it also protects from prying observers from outside. For a perfect fitting of these long adhesive films, we also provide the right accessories! We can advise you about this particular protection film for your car!

Wall tattoo, window images, adhesive film - films as decorative articles

Films for home become increasingly popular - for variety and window decoration! Especially for children adhesive and static films are very popular for walls and as window images. As window stickers roof top windows and glass panes can be decorated with the desired motifs. The glass foil is easy to install and highly adhesive. Also the blackboard foil is very popular: a self-adhesive film, describable as a blackboard, the adhesive foil is very popular for children and adults in order to leave notes etc. This adhesive sheet can be adhered to glass surfaces, but also on so-called furniture-films. The interior installation of the furniture-film is easy and simple. We place each order a installation instruction for bonding your decorative film for free. Wall tattoos: Whether poems, sayings or pictures, everything can be sticked with the appropriate adhesive film. As decorative articles the decorative films decorate any wall but also tiles or baths. We provide decorative films in matching measurements for you - we help you competent and personally!