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paint protection film transparent

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Paint protection film: Protection from scratches and stone chips

Paint protection film for protecting painted surfaces from stone chips, scratches, corrosion.
✔ Optically clear and extremely resistant film for the maximum value conservation of your car.
✔ The stone guard film is extremely flexible and suitable for the use on flat and curved surfaces.
✔ The advantage: Easy adaptation of the film to complex contours and masking edges.
✔ The aliphatic polyurethane film is glossy, non-yellowing and remains permanently transparent.
✔ The quality film is washing bay proof, weather-resistant and can be removed without residue.

Broad field of application areas of the stone guard film

• By complying with the strict ISO quality assurance standards best quality is guaranteed.
• Depending on the thickness of the film flat 2D and curved 3D surfaces can easily be coated.
• Therefore ideally suited for all car parts such as hood, door sill, sill, doors and side panels.
• Ideal protection for the paint of trucks, motorcycles, campers, boats and airplanes.

Technology and performance of the paint protection film

Material: Aliphatic polyurethane film, extruded shapes, transparent
Thickness: 137 micron and 200 micron, ISO 4591:1992
uv-protection: Effective protection against fading of paint and color
Resistance: Windshield washer fluids, antifreeze, car shampoo, oil, gasoline and diesel fuel
Cold impact test: No flaking or micro cracking
Tensile strength: 30 N/mm² tensile strength and 250 % tensile elongation, ISO 527:1996
High-pressure cleaning: No surface damage or loss of adhesion
Abrasion resistance: No wear throuhg to substrate with 1000 cycles, 500 g load and CS-17 wheel
Dimensional stability: adhered to steel, no measurable shrinkage in cross and machine direction
Release liner: Silicone paper liner for a simplified installation
Storage: 2 years, out of direct sunlight at 73 degrees F and 50 % humidity.
Weathering: 6 - 8 years vertical exposure / Mid Europe
*All values are manufacturer values

Installation of the paint protection film in a dust-free and bright area

Measure the surface and pre-cut the film to size. Clean the surface extensively and sprinkle it with release and lubricant agents. Remove the release liner on the back, spray the adhesive side and place the film on the surface. Position - depending on the body edges and openings - the film centrally or start from the left or right to smooth down the film with a squeegee. Wipe the film dry and cut off possible foil edges accurately.

Tips for installtion of the paint protection film

• For the installation of surfaces with edges or beads, the part of the paint protection film with the largest area should be fixed first. This often is the case with door entrances and loading areas.
• With strong curves or curved surfaces it may be necessary to heat the paint protection film carefully after squeezing with a hot air gun. The film then can be drawned in form in order to enable a wrinkle-free installation. Cause the paint protection film is stretched possible excess foil edges have to be cut off.
• Detailed installation instructions for paint protection films and stone guard films are free part of each delivery.

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