decorative films for glass decoration

Optical enhancement of glass surfaces in minutes

You want to change a glass surface with an elegant decorative foil, then we have the right solution for your application!

If you wish we can shape the decorative foil individually and produce it with different colors, shapes, logos, text, etc. for you.

decorative film individual stripes decorative film individual squares decorative film squares 35 mm

Finished surfaces ensure a long durability

  • Production: The material of our decorative foil is polyester. The decorative sheet is equipped with a self-adhesive layer which is resistant to humidity, condensation and UV radiation. The surface of the decorative sheet is finished with a highly effective scratch-resistant coating.
  • Operation: When applied to the glass surface, our decorative foil gives glass surfaces, windows, doors and wall systems made of glass an elegant design. The glass surface is optically enhanced by our decorative foil in minutes. The glass surface does not require replacement, which saves you money!

Lots of application areas for windows

Application areas of the decorative foil are glass surfaces, partition systems, windows, doors and other furnitures made of glass in Restaurants, Hotels, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, Offices and airports. Also excellent for use as decorative foil is our privacy foil, which is available in many attractive designs.

Application on all smooth glass surfaces indoors and outdoors possible 

The decorative foil can be installed on any smooth glass surface. Installation on synthetic glass is not possible. Installation of most decorative foils is possible indoors and outdoors. Inside the room the decorative foil is not exposed to external weather conditions, which extends the long durability of the decorative sheet.

Comprehensive and attractive product range of decorative films available

Unsere Dekorfolie gibt es wie folgt:

  • Stripes
  • Squares
  • Bricks
  • Mosaic
  • Spectra
  • Orchids
  • and many more 

decorative film application individual stripes

decorative film individual squares

We gladly provide the decorative sheet to your individual specifications and requirements!

Summary of all advantages and features of our decorative foil

Our decorative foil

  • gives the coated glass surface an unique and elegant design
  • evaluates the glass surface in minutes with high quality
  • offers up to 98% UV protection, furnishings are thus protected from fading
  • has a scratch resistant surface, which ensures durability
  • has a self-adhesive acrylic adhesive, which is resistant to humidity and condensation
  • does not loose its adhesive strength even at high temperature fluctuations
  • is maintenance-free, scratch-resistant and easy to clean

Long durability and warranty of the decorative foil

Based on years of experience and extensive testing attempts a manufacturer`s warranty of 10 years is granted for peeling and yellowing of the UV-protection foil for indoor installation, if the UV-control foil is properly installed and used. Contact us!