• decorative film
  • Unique decorative film for exclusive glass decoration

    The decorative film in many variants enchantes windows and glass surfaces. The decorative film sets surprising accents eyerywhere where windows and glass surfaces shall to be designed creatively: at home, in the office, in restaurants, hotels, railway stations, airports, shops and hospitals. With the decorative film there are no limits for the creative designing of windows, shower doors, glass doors and partition systems made of glass. The decorative film visually separates rooms with timeless design elements and provides an ideal privacy protection.



  • color film
  • Color film with brilliant color effect

    The color film sets glass surfaces, windows, cabinets, light boxes, advertising signs and furniture with high signal effect colored in scene. In advertising technology, creative interior design and modern architecture surfaces can be effectiveley designed by using color films. Coloured dipped designs can be realized without great effort. The high quality finish gives the self-adhesive films even better quality: The color films are characterized by brilliant color effect. The self-adhesive films are available in many attractive colors and can be shipped shortly.

  • whiteboard foil
  • Whiteboard film for wiping and labeling

    The whiteboard film for wiping and labeling tremendously simplyfies daily operations at home, in the office, in schools, restaurants and conference rooms daily. Dates, information and notes can be written and wiped on the whiteboard fastly and easily. Glued on smooth surfaces walls, doors and cupboards can be permanently used as a whiteboard. The self-adhesive whiteboard films are idially suited for large and small use to put point of sales and labels creatively in scene. Our whiteboard films are high-quality workmanship and can be marked with whiteboard markers as often as desired. The films are recommended by Kauz-Verlag.

  • blackboard foil
  • Self adhesive blackboard foil for creative labels

    Self adhesive blackboard films are ideally suited for creative labels. Walls, cabinets and doors can be turned into a black or green chalk board in no time. Blackboards can be easily cut in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can be glued directly on all smooth surfaces and be removed again. Blackboard films are ideal for children's rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, offices, schools, kindergardens and hospitals. They are self-adhesive, have a top quality and a scratch-resistant surface. High-quality chalk is available in many beautiful colors and can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

  • mirror film
  • Mirror film for the ideal use as a mirror

    The mirror film is the ideal replacement mirror. The mirror film is stretched on a frame or a smooth support layer and fastened to the back of the frame or carrier layer with an adhesive tape or stapler. The mirror film is perfect for the exhibition stand, gym, riding hall, dance studio or nightclub.

  • rear projection film
  • Rear projection film for brilliant beamer projection on glass

    With the self-adhesive rear projection film transparent glass walls, shop windows, glass facades and windows become an impressive canvas for demonstrations. Commercial beamers and projectors throw crisp images on the high-performance film. Places of operation are presentations in companies, screenings, events, public viewing, fairs and art exhibitions.

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