color film
  •    Color film with brilliant color...
  • Color film with brilliant color effect

    The color film sets glass surfaces, windows, cabinets, light boxes, advertising signs and furniture with high signal effect colored in scene. In advertising technology, creative interior design and modern architecture surfaces can be effectiveley designed by using color films. Coloured dipped designs can be realized without great effort. The high quality finish gives the self-adhesive films even better quality: The color films are characterized by brilliant color effect. The self-adhesive films are available in many attractive colors and can be shipped shortly.

    • Decorative foil sandblast look

      Decorative foil sandblast look

    • color film translucent

      color film translucent

    • Whiteboard foil coloured

      Whiteboard foil coloured

    • color film opaque

      color film opaque

    • color film transparent

      color film transparent

    • fluorescent daytime film

      fluorescent daytime film

    • Milk glass sheet OP 10 A

      Milk glass sheet OP 10 A