• car glass film
  • Powerful car glass film for car windows

    The powerful car glass film for tinting car windows ensures a strong performance, less heat and more privacy. The car tint foil protects its occupants effective against heat, glare, UV-radiation. Optimised shrinkage, reduced drying time and high flexibility of the self-adhesive films ensure easy installation. Long warranty for color, quality and performance. 5 years for Cool Coal and Cool Crystal guaranteed. The interior is protected against fading. The car window sheet allows individual tuning and elegant styling. Your car window sheet has a general approval (AGB), an extra authority registration ist not necessary.

  • paint protection film
  • Paint protection film against rockfall and scratches

    The paint protection film protects painted surfaces against stone chipping, scratches and corrosion. The optically clear and extremely lofted film is very flexible and is suitable for use on flat and curved surfaces. The advantage: Easy adaptation to complex shapes and a simplified be wound around edges. The glossy Aliphatic polyurethane film is non-yellowing and remains permanently transparent. The self-adhesive high-performance film is washing bay proof, weather-resistant and can be removed from your car without residue also.
  • automotive safety film
  • Automotive safety film - More safety in cars in case of accidents

    The automotive safety film protects passengers in the car against flying splinters in case of accidents: If unprotected auto glass breaks, serious injuries could be the result. The highly adhesive safety film prevents the glass fragments from flying into the vehicle interior. Also, the airbag can not be damaged when the glass is bound by the film. In addition, the security film provides a sun protection and serves as burglary protection foil. Our safety films feature a ABG (general design certification of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office) in accordance with § 22a StVZO (Road Traffic Licensing Regulations), a TÜV-registration is not required.
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