• sun control film
  • Energy-efficient sun control film for windows and flat glass

    The sun control film is a high-quality polyester foil which provides effective protection against heat, glare, uv-radiation for windows. The sun protection foil is created by the reflection of the metal coatings and the absorption of the sun's rays. The energy-efficient high-performance film ensures ideal heat protection, anti-glare and uv-protection. The room inside gets pleasantly cool, comfortabel and glare-free. The film allows after installation a clear view to the outside. The excellent heat protection and the expressive appearance of the films give the best value for money on the market. The window films are self-adhesive, easy to clean and durable.

    interior installation

    exterior installation

  • uv-protection film
  • High quality uv-protection film for shop windows and glass panes

    The uv-protection film is ideally suited for shop windows and glass panes. It reduces the aggressive UV rays of daylight and provides protection against optical whiterning. With the protection sheets colored structures of objects in the interior, for example in shop windows, are effectively protected against fading. The window film is high-quality and is made of thin polyester layers which are able to absorb up to 99.9% of the UV radiation on glass. Objects can be exposed up to 4 - times longer to daylight before fadings occur. The protective films are self-adhesive and can be fitted to any smooth glass types.
  • privacy film
  • Self adhesive privacy film for windows and glass surfaces

    The privacy film provides more privacy and less insight. It is ideally suited for the effective processing of windows and glass surfaces. From the classic milk glass film over the elegant sandblast look through to the proven etched glass foil discretion is guaranteed and privacy is protected against unwanted insights. The privacy film is self-adhesive and suitable for use in hotels, banks, insurance companies, supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, railway stations and airports. The privacy film separates rooms with timeless design elements and thus provides an ideal view protection. The window film can be used as decorative film as well.

    interior installation

    exterior installation

  • film for synthetic glass
  • Highly effective window film for synthetic glass

    Our PET-based films for synthetic glass are designed specifically for the special characteristics of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylic, polystyrene (PS), polycarbonate (PC), Perspex and Plexiglas. They have a powerful performance and excellent optical clarity. Due to an easy-removable, the undeground saving adhesive, it is possible to remove the film without damaging the coated underground. The high-performance films are ideal for outdoor use in bus stops, pedestrian passages, schools, kindergardens, facade panels, greenhouses, stadiums roofs and atrium skylights.
  • bird saving film
  • Highly effective bird saving film for windows and glass panes

    Because of transparency and reflection in glass panes birds is simulated non existing airspace. The bird saving film prevents birds from the deadly collision on windows and glass panes with a visible marker.

    The bird saving film saves the lives of birds and thus makes an important contribution to the protection of birds. The film is of high-quality. It has a long life and thus represents an environmentally sustainable action.
  • energy-saving film
  • Energy saving film - enjoy comfort while saving money

    The energy-saving film reduces the heat loss at the window in the winter and reduces the sunlight in summer. The energy-saving film contributes to the reduction of heating costs in winter and cooling costs in the summer. With the energy-saving film you can enjoy comfort, while saving money and protecting the environment.
  • sun control paint
  • Sun control paint for glass and synthetic glass

    Heat and glare in industrial warehouses, production rooms and greenhouses can be effectively reduced by the sun control paint. The special coating is applied to the outside on smooth and uneven roof glazings, shed glazings, skylights, light strips. Thanks to its special composition the high-performance paint is fast-drying and weather resistant. The excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance ensure a long life on glass and synthetic glass.

    The sun control paint is high-quality and has a frosted glass white tint.
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