anti-graffiti film
  •    Washable anti-graffiti film...
  • Washable anti-graffiti film against spray attacks

    The anti-graffiti film protects glass surfaces, mirrors, marble and stainless steel in shopping malls, railway stations, airports and bus stations against spray attacks, graffiti and scratches. Due to the highly scratch-resistant coating, most colors, sprays and sticks can be easily cleaned with ordinary detergents. Etched or scratched films can due to its special adhesive easily removed and replaced. The impugned glass surface under the high-performance film remains clear, clean and undamaged. The high quality film is an effective alternative to the costly replacement of glass panes.
    • interior installation
    • Inside the room the anti-graffiti foil can be applied to any smooth glass surfaces, mirrors and metal surfaces.

    • exterior installation
    • Outdoors we recommend to protect against graffiti and scratches on glass of shop windows, light boxes, stairs, balconies and lifts our highly durable and externally deployable anti-graffiti foil. This foil was specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
    • Anti-graffiti film 4 premium

      Anti-graffiti film 4 premium

    • Anti-Graffiti film 6 outdoor

      Anti-Graffiti film 6 outdoor

    • Anti-Graffiti film 6 for synthetic glass

      Anti-Graffiti film 6 for synthetic glass

    • Anti-Graffiti film 6 Premium

      Anti-Graffiti film 6 Premium