Window coating: No exact cutting of the window foil before installation

19.04.2013 18:20 | Window coating: Actual news about our window coatings

Due to small errors while measuring the window glass size, it may happen that the delivered exactly cut window foil is too small. This can also happen if, due to temperature fluctuations the window frame and rubber lips of the window have changed size after ordering.

Between window foil and rubber or silicone lip of the window frame there must be a distance of 1 to 2 mm depending on the size of the rubber or silicone lip. This is often overlooked with previous precisely-made films.

You achieve best results, if you cut the window foil to the right size on the glass surface. Proceed as follows:

Measure the size of the window and compare the determined size with the by us offered Window foil - widths 0.91 m, 1.22 m, 1.52 m. Compare your measured width of the glass surface and select the window film that comes the calculation of these measures next. The window film should at the edges be 2 cm longer than the pure glass surface.

Tip from the pro: You can save money if you don`t buy a before installation exactly prepared window foil. The exact cutting of a window film only takes place while doing the installation on the glass surface!