Sun control foil DSS 220 SR mirrored exterior Sun control foil DSS 220 SR mirrored exterior Sun control foil DSS 220 SR mirrored exterior

Sun control foil DSS 220 SR mirrored exterior

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Mirrored sun control film with very good heat protection

✔ With 81% the sun control film provides an very good sun energy shield at the window
✔ The sun control film provides excellent heat-, sun glare- and UV-protection
✔ Objects in the interior are protected against optical whitening by the sun control film
✔ Existing air conditionings need up to 30% less energy with the sun control film*
✔ The sun control film ist easy to clean, scratch-resistant and long durable
*depending on building size, window area, type of glass and building insulation

Most sold sun control film for exterior installation

• Lving comfort and room climate get significant improved
• Enables a clear view to the outside compared to roller or venetian blinds
• The strong mirror-effect at daylight provides an attractive appereance (spy mirror film)
• Viewed from inside a dark silvergrey tint is perceivable for the human eye
• The film is transparent and provides a high flux to the inside with natural light

Technical specifications of the sun control film

  • Installation: Exterior, self-adhesive
  • Material: Scratch- and weather resistant aluminized polyester film,
  • Applicability to: thermal insulation glass, multiple glazing, conservatory, roof windows, soundproof glass, safety glass
  • Sun control film thickness: 69 my
  • Visible light: 17% light transmission, 99% UV protection
  • Total solar energy: 12% transmission, 63% reflection, 25% absorption
  • G-value: 0.19 degrees of solar energy get into the room interior
  • Glare: Sun control film reduces sun glare 81%
  • Energy Shield: 81% of solar energy can be shielded by the sun control film
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years for vertical, 2 years for sloped glass surfaces for peeling, yellowing, deplating of the sun control film if all edges are sealed with silicone
    * All values are manufacturer values and apply to single glazing

Just measure the size of the glass surface and order

• Measure width and height of the pure glass surface without rubber seals and window bars.
• Choose width and height in that way, that it is at least 2 cm larger than the pure glass surface.
Tip: The exact cutting of the window film is done while installation on the glass surface.

The installation of the window film is done in a few steps

• Spray the cleaned glass surface and the self-adhesive film back with separating and sliding agents.
• Position one corner side of the foil in that way, that it is 1 - 2 mm away from the window frame.
• Cut the other two sides of the window film to size along the window frame and squeeze it out.
• Detailed installation instructions for the sun control coating are part of each delivery for free.

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