Sun control film RS 220 mirrored Sun control film RS 220 mirrored

Sun control film RS 220 mirrored

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Mirrored sun control film for optimal heat protection

✔ The heat development at the window is reduced by 78% by the sun control film
Excellent protection against heat, sun glare and UV radiation
✔ Integrated UV-Absorber prevents onjects from optical whitening
✔ 30% less energy consumption for the building air conditioning in summer
✔ Scratch-resistant surface so easy to clean and long durability

Most sold sun control film for interior installation

? Noticeable improvement of living comfort and room climate
? Enables a clear view to the outside compared to roller or venetian blinds
? View from outside: strong mirror effect at daylight (spy mirror film)
? View from inside: merely dark silvergrey tint perceivable for the human eye
? The film is transparent and provides a high flux of the inside with natural light

Technical details of the sun control film

Installation: Indoor, self-adhesive
Material: Scratch-resistant aluminized polyester foil , mirrored
Application: Normal insulating glas, single glazing
Thickness of the
sun control film:
58 my
Visable daylightt: 18 % light transmittance, 99 % UV-protection
Total sun energy: 13 % transmission, 55 % reflection, 32 % absorption
G-value: 0.22 degrees of solar energy get into the room interior
Glare protection: Reduction of 80% sun glare
Energy Shield:: 78% of solar energy can be shielded
Premium 10 years, CLASSIC 5 years
for peeling, yellowing, deplating the sun control film
*All values are manufactorer values and apply to single glazing

Simple ordering of the sun control film

? Measure the size of the glass surface and compare them with our film widths.
? Select the width and the length of the film, which comes closest to your glass dimensions.
? The film should be at least 2 cm larger at each edge than the pure glass surface.
? The exact cutting of the window film is made during installation on the glass surface. An
order of precisely-made film blanks is not neccessary.

Installation of the sun control film and accessories

? The installation of the sun control film is quick amd easy in a few steps, see installation instructions.
? Detailed installation instructions are included with each shipment for free.
? Up to 2 sqm film surface, we recommend our DIY accessory kit with all you need for 2.50 Euro.

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