Sun control film: Our sun control foil saves you money

29.04.2013 16:00 | Sun control film: Actual news about our sun control films

The sun protection is caused by the reflection of the metal coating and the absorption of the sun rays. Properly applied on the outer or inner surface of the glass surface, the solar protection foil reflects the sun's rays, repels heat, glare, aggressive UV radiation. The heat reduction in the building is effectively reduced.

The sun protection coating reduces the sun heat on the glass by up to 80% depending on the sun protection foil type. That means a up to 30% lower energy consumption for the air conditioning in the buliding depending on the building size, window area, type of glass and insulation of the existing building. The sun control sheet can make an expensive purchase og an air conditioning unnecessary. Existing air conditioning systems are considerably relieved. That saves you electricity and thus money. Talk to us!