Security film: Protect yourself from burglary and theft

10.12.2014 18:56 | Security foil: Actual news abour our security foil

Protect yourself with a high-quality security film for windows against burglars. In the dark season the risk of burglaries rises. Most burglaries happen in the dark season and become more from year to year!

How can you protect yourself? Our security film prevents the glass from breaking and can effectively help the offender desist from his attempt to break-in: Due to the extreme strength of the security film a lot of time and effort must be expended to overcome the film-coated glass. The danger for the burglar to be discovered rises with the result that he desists from his intrusion. The von Kuester anti-shatter foil for windows prevents burglars from entering your home!

Our anti-shatter film is VdS and TÜV approved and consists of a laminated multilayer surface-hardened polyester sheet that makes the glass surface break-resistant. The security coating is equipped with a resistant material to humidity, condensation and with an UV radiation resistant acrylic adhesive. The anti-shatter film can be applied both inside and outside of the window. The surface of the security foill is finished with a scratch-resistant coating. It is durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean!

Due to the increasing number of burglaries we apply the lucid security films with our installation - service nationwide in the commercial and private sector. We will advise you when it comes to protecting against intruders with our anti-shatter coating! We will gladly provide an offer for the installation of the security film for your windows!