NEW: Sun control film E-Lite Xtra for exterior installation

23.08.2015 13:37 | Sun control film: Actual news about our sun control films

NEW: Sun control film E-Lite Xtra:

The new E-Lite Xtra models 70 and 45 Xtra for exterior installations provide superior sun protection based on nanoparticle technology without metal coatings.

The externally mounted E-Lite Xtra 70 sun control film provides effective heat protection iand s hardly visible to the naked eye. Especially modern and listed buildings benefit from an unchanged building appearance. Unpleasantly high room temperatures and annoying reflections belong to the past, the room temperature is cool, pleasant and glare-free. High cooling costs in air-conditioned offices, hotels and convention centers can be significantly reduced after the installation of the sun control film.

The highly effective combination of successive filter layers with a guaranteed weather resistance makes the sun control film to a sustainable investment in maintaining the value of the property. The models of the sun control film E-Lite Xtra are a first-class alternative to the most prestige - prone sun control films on the market. The sun protection film E-Lite 70 Xtra with approximately 70% light transmission and 61% heat protection is hardly visible to the naked eye from inside and outside. With the sun protection film E-Lite Xtra 45, approximately 45% light transmission and 69% heat protection make generous glass surfaces, even after installation in every season bright and welcoming.

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