Experience the EM together with a rear projection film

27.05.2016 18:48 | Rear projection film: actual news

Experience the European Football Championship experience together with a rear projection film

Soon the time for public viewing starts again: On June 10, the EM-ball rolls in France! With our rear projection film and a conventional projector, the media spectacle can easily be passed into the open air. With just a little effort each window becomes an XXL multimedia canvas - also in the outdoor seating area.

And so it works: Install the film and drive the Beamer - Let`s go!

  • brilliant picture playback
  • good visibility even in bright surroundings
  • uniform image reproduction without annoying shadows
  • suitable for every standard projector and any transparent surface


And for all the game results tap, just the game results on our self-adhesive blackboard film record. No matter how often the messages are changed and wiped out, the panel is highly durable and is guaranteed at the next European Championship in peak condition.