Birdpen - bird saving for glass surfaces - just as a felt-tip pen

20.01.2015 12:04 | Bird saving foil: Actual news about our bird saving foils

Birdpen: The birdpen is a patented and easy way to save birds from the often fatal crash on windows and glass surfaces.

Just paint a stripe pattern with a spacing of about 6 - 8 cm between each stripe onto the cleaned glass and ready is the bird saving. The birdpen stains the glass with an only for birds visible UV marking which is perceived by birds as an obstacle, so they fly around the glass as a natural barrier.

The color of the birdpen is transparent and imperceptible to the human eye. The birdpen is non-toxic and solvent-free and is designed specifically for the private sector with smaller glass surfaces. The birdpen makes an easy bird saving for home! According to scientific studies and experiments collisions of birds on glass surfaces can be reduced by up to 65 % when using the birdpen.

Over the time, the markings become visible through stain and aging. Therefore, about every 3 - 6 Months a cleaning and removal of the old markings with a window cleaner or glass scraper is necessary. After cleaning, the markings have to be applied again to produce the optimum effect. One birdpen is sufficient for about 10 sqm of glass.

The birdpen is for small glass surfaces in the private sector an alternative to our birdstickers (prevent fatal collisions on glass surfaces up to 70 %) and our bird saving film is (prevents fatal collisions on glass surfaces up to 95 %). Youi can buy the birdpen in our online-shop. We will advise you when it comes to bird saving on glass surfaces!