Bird saving foil: Professional bird saving foils for glass surfaces

02.08.2013 15:55 | Bird saving foil: Actual news about our bird saving foils

Because of transparent and reflective windows birds is simulated not existing airspace. Therefore estimated 240,000 birds die every day on glass surfaces and windows. With our bird saving foil the often fatal collision of birds with windows can be effectively avoided. Visually attractive and affordable!

The bird saving foil with squares, circles, or stripes has been proven itself in practice. It is provided with a for humans and birds visible marker and prevents the deadly kollosion on glass surfaces up to 90-95%.

The bird saving foil can be made ​​with individual patterns, different color, or printed with a company logo.

An important aspect for success is, inter alia, the spacing of the marks from each other. The distances must be max. 10-15 cm. We point out that some widely spaced raptor silhouettes are not likely to prevent birds to fly further. The reason is that birds is simulated to be able to fly through if the silhouettes are too far away from each other.