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We offer a unique range of window films and many more self-adhesive-films. The offer includes foils for buildings, security, advertising, cars. Buy best quality at best price. Secure delivery in 1 - 3 workdays. With questions please call our hotline +49 8152 8474. Just ask for free foil samples! Choose your new film from the areas

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Benefit from over 30 years of experience with the installation of foils and window films. We deliver best quality for buildings, security, advertising, automobiles. Quality, deadlines and service are top goals.

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Choose your film from a unique selection: High-quality window films, safety films, adhesive films and automotive films. We offer individual solutions for individual tasks.

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All orders coming in up to 13:00 h are processed the same day. The delivery of the goods is done within shortest time. You will get the order within 1 - 3 working days!

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Window-films for a strong performance on glass

Window films for retrofitting window panes

The window film is indispensable in architecture and interior design. It enriches everyday life in buildings in many situations. It is a natural aid for window panes: the film enables efficient heat protection, elegant privacy or creative glass decoration.
As sun control film the window film filters solar energy. It helps to reduce the temperatures on sunny days. It ensures a bright, light-filled ambience. Together with air conditioners, it reaches the preferred temperature in even less time. The air conditioning runs less frequent and less long. Costs for electricity and maintenance get reduced. This is good for the money. But also for the environment. 99% of UV light is blocked with a uv-filter-film. Aggressive uv light is a major cause of furniture fading. A professional installation is quick, clean and quiet. For hard-to-reach glass surfaces or problems with glass compatibility, an exterior film can help: under some circumstances even better than the equivalent interior film. Stronger security windows improve glass safety. Because window films offer burglary, impact and splinter protection. Even sun glare can be a problem. At work or at home, the window film ensures a glare-free usage of TVs, screens and smartphones. If you do not want to be seen during the day, a window film or frosted glass film for more privacy is the right answer.

Window films from privacy over sun protection to window decoration

How can I find the right window film? There is a window film for every purpose. There are many ways window films can help:
Solar control: sun control film with heat protection function. Reflective, transparent or mirrored. For less heat even in conservatories.
Privacy: Privacy coatings for more privacy. Whether opaque, black or white, translucent or simply for darkening.
Burglary protection: Window films for more safety on glass panes. Security films protect against burglary, theft and vandalism.
Bird saving: Every day there are fatal collisions of birds with glass panes. A special window foil, the bird saving film.bird saving film helps.
Glass decoration: The creative decorative foil for designing. Whether colored, opaque or with motifs. Or modern stripes, squares or mirror effects.
Car glass: With a car glass film a tinted car window is no longer pure sunscreen. It is rather an optical statement.
Our offer is constantly complemented with new products. It is available for a long time.We supply private and commercial customers reliably with the appropriate foil.

Window films - self-adhesive or static

Window films differ in design, color and effect. But they mainly differ in processing and reusability:
The adhesive window film optimizes glass panes with modern and classic design elements. The films are equipped with a thin adhesive layer. They have a long lasting adhesive power. These window films can be removed without any residue even after years of use.
The static adhering window foil is reusable. It beautifies glass surfaces without adhesive. These films have electrostatic characteristics. They can be removed and be used again at any time. The static glass foils captivate above all by their beautiful printed motifs. The material is very resistant and very easy to clean.

The window film - a strong performance interior and exterior

Von Kuester KG has more than 30 years of expertise in the field of films and foil technology. We serve all your needs around self-adhesive films: privacy films, color films, sun control coatings, safety films, heat insulating laminates. But also anti-shatter film and frosted glass films for interior and exterior installation. On single-pane and normal insulating glazings, we recommend interior application of sun control films. The sun control laminates are not exposed to external weathering effects. On heat protection glass, triple glazing, conservatories, roof windows, sun control, sound insulation and safety glass, we recommend the exterior application of window films. This avoids the formation of stress cracks in the glass during strong sunlight. We proudly look back on more than 30 years of experience in self-adhesive and static films! Personal service and high customer satisfaction are our top priority!

Ckecklist for ordering your new window film

We recommend answering the following questions before ordering. This makes it easier to choose the right film:
✔ Which purpose should the window foil fulfill?
✔ Is the window film intended for interior or exterior use?
✔ Maybe a combination foil is helpful?
✔ Do I need running meters, exact cuts or rolls?
✔ How important are durability and guarantee of the film?
✔ Which asseccories do I need for installation?

Adhesive film, window pictures, wall decals - films as decorative items

Films are becoming increasingly popular at home - for more variety and window decoration! Especially for children adhesive pictures for walls and windows bring a lot of fun. As window stickers roof windows and glass panels can be glued with the desired motifs. The window foil is easy to stick and has a strong adhesive layer. Also very popular are frosted glass foils and blackboard foils: self-adhesive foils, writable like a classic blackboard at school. The adhesive laminate is very popular with children and adults to leave notes and so on. This adhesive coating can be glued on glass surfaces, but also on furniture and walls. The interior assembly of the furniture foil is simple and easy. As a decorative article the adhesive foil enhances every wall as a wall tattoo. But also tiles or bathrooms. We make adhesive films for you - we will advise you competently and personally!

Safe online shopping with fast delivery

In the article we exactly inform you about foil type, adhesive layer, interior or exterior installation, durability and manufacturer guarantee. After you have selected the desired foil dimensions in the article, you can complete the order conveniently and quickly. The order in the online shop is ready to ship within a very short time. It will be delivered free of charge to your home - with a purchase value of 150 EUR or more. We offer a large selection of film widths. They can also be ordered directly as running meters, custom-made foil cuttings or whole rolls. Customer and privacy protection are a matter of course in our certified store. Demanding online shoppers also appreciate the choice of different payment methods. Try it. With the easy-to-understand installation instructions, you can install the foils yourself. Our special foils are of high quality and can always be reordered! For questions about the product or delivery, or questions such as assembly, dimensions, liability, etc. just contact our friendly customer service by phone or email! We also deliver with express delivery.

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